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Restorative Processes

Restorative Justice

“A restorative process is any process in which the victim and the offender and, where appropriate, any other individuals or community members affected by a crime participate together actively in the resolution of matters arising from the crime, generally with the help of a facilitator.” (UN, 2006, p.6)

Programs, based on Restorative Processes:

Victim-Offender-Mediation (VOM)
Victim-Offender-Reconciliaton-Program (VORP)
Family Group Conferences (FGC)
Circles (Peacemaking Circles, Sentencing Circles, Healing Circles, Circles of Support and Accountability,...)
Support for victims and offenders
Community Service

Restorative Justice - a paradigm shift

Instead of the state, the victim becomes the direct stakeholder and receives increased support and involvement.
A conflict-resolving approach is emphasized opposed to the adversarial criminal justice process.
All stakeholders are invited to active participation compared to their passive roles in the current system. Empowerment, transformation, healing, restoration and restitution become key concepts.
Offenders aren’t simply punished by state-means but are offered the opportunity to become key-players in the work of justice and positive community assets.
Restorative Justice’s concern is much more about restoration and healing, rather than a state-based, costly punishment of offenders.
Every person has a right to be treated with dignity, respect, and honor. Everyone has an important role in the work of justice.
Promotion of a healing response to the needs of victims and offenders.
Reintegration into the larger community, which can prevent offenders from further harm-doing.
It encourages society to analyze and take responsibility for the social conditions that contribute to offending behavior.
Instead of staying in the past, Restorative Justice seeks to create a better future for everyone.

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